"They can't win till we quit!"

I just finished watching the ESPN documentary, "The Last Dance" that chronicles the final season of the Chicago Bulls dynasty in 1998. After they won their 6th championship, I listened as they played scenes from the locker room. In all the celebrating, the great Michael Jordan laughingly said, "They can't win till we quit!". That phrase stuck with me, and as I considered it more, it sank in.

"They" can be anything or anybody that threatens to get in the way of our dreams. I'm amazed at how often I fill that roll for myself. The obstacles taunt you. They say things like, "If this is what God has for you, you would have been successful by now." And it's easy to let that get under your skin, especially if the voices are loud and consistent. Granted, there will always be things that will end a fight before we're ready. A broken leg would keep me from running the next race, but it's not going to keep me from training for another one. Quitting is letting setbacks determine your future.

We can't afford to quit. Not if we truly want to grow and live life to the fullest. What you tell yourself day in and day out, after each victory or failure, will reinforce your belief that God is either with you or He's not. If you believe He's not, the enemy will take that opportunity to show you how alone you are, how life is hopeless and why you should quit. But if you truly believe that the Father walks along side of you, with every triumph and struggle, then you will see all the ways that He's working on your behalf. Of course we're going to hurt, suffer, and break down. We all have those moments of darkness. But in that moment you have a choice, do you give up or get up? God honors those who get up. The enemy wins when we quit.

There's amazing news though. It's never too late. You always have the option of getting up, no matter how long you've been down. Don't let the enemies triumph. They can only win when you quit fighting.


Amy Srch

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