Of Prayers and Cat Food

Cats are known for being finicky. One minute they'll play with a toy, then never touch it again. First they like dry food, then they'll only eat wet food. Then they decide they only like one flavor of a specific brand. The first time a cat stops liking something they've had for years, we take them to the vet. Are they sick? What's wrong? $400 later we realize they just changed their mind. Then we set out to find what they WILL eat, which can also be costly and frustrating. No wonder "dog people" think "cat people" are crazy. But hold on a minute, and take a good look in the mirror.

I think a lot of humans don't like cats because deep down, they're too much like us. How picky do we get when we want something? "No God, I want you to answer THIS prayer!" "No, not that way, do it this way!"  I can just see him shaking his head and saying "I'm giving you what you need, why can't you take it and be thankful?" He was certainly like that with the Nation of Israel, as they wandered in the desert. Sure, eating manna got old quickly. I can't imagine eating it day and night for 40 years! I know they were frustrated. But God caused a miracle and gave them food and water in the desert. That alone is amazing. The Israelites didn't die during that time because of starvation. When they died outside of natural causes, it was because of disobedience.

We have a lot in common with cats, like it or not. If a cat doesn't like their food, they will starve themselves to death. Their stubbornness and "disobedience" will cause their death. Where are we being stupidly stubborn? In what ways have we said "No God, that's not how I wanted to be blessed."? God WILL provide for his children. We can't be so wrapped up in details of what we want that we forget to notice the miracles that we're getting, and be thankful for them.

Eat your food (or kibble) and be thankful. It's a miracle you've gotten as far as you have, and He will see you the rest of the way. That's a promise.


Amy Srch

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