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Peace, love and all that nonsense . . .

Christmas could not have come fast enough this year. I think I’m safe saying that we all need a bit of a boost. But I’m not talking about fluffy optimism from a Hallmark movie. That stuff is designed to manipulate warm, fuzzy feelings and has tricked the world into thinking that the love of family and friends is what Christmas is all about. Now before you dismiss this post as my version of the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, hold on a minute.

Tunnel Vision

For as long a I can remember, people warn against having tunnel vision. They tell you to “gain a broader perspective”, “open your mind”, or “take in your surroundings”. In general, yes, those are very good things. I’ll always be the first one to take in the scenery and the last one to make a decision if I haven’t considered all the options. But I’ll tell you one thing I learned last weekend:  sometimes tunnel vision isn’t such a bad thing. It can save your life when what’s going on around you is too much. I’m alive to prove it.

When it rains . . .

What is it about water? I was asked recently where my favorite vacation spot would be. The more I thought about it, harder it seemed to provide an answer. I love to travel and can be happy in pretty much any environment. I love mountains, beaches, cities and wilderness. But then it struck me. If I truly want to relax, I need to be near water. Being around water cleanses my spirit. It lets me exhale and release every ounce of anxiety and stress. Jesus talked about sending rain on the just and the unjust in Matthew 5:45. As it did then, water means crops, prosperity, and life.

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