And so it begins . . .

Where exactly does faith meet life? I've heard a lot of people say that their faith is private. Does that mean they simply don't want to impose their beliefs on others? That sounds very polite and safe. The problem, is that what you believe impacts everything you do. Your faith influences how you interact with the world. How you treat others is a direct result of what you believe about them. Either on a conscious or sub-conscious level, wherever your faith lies in a given moment will determine your actions. So can faith really be kept private?

So many of us struggle to make the connection between what we say we believe and how those beliefs play out in real life. The point of this site is to explore that very struggle.  If you are reading this as a believer in Jesus Christ, my hope is that you'll grow to understand just how deeply your faith in Christ can connect you with others, God, and even yourself. You'll see that faith is anything but private, and that the impact you can have on the world will be extraordinary!



Amy Srch

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